Who worked for whom in The Kite Runner?

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Ali was orphaned after his two parents were killed by an automobile while walking along a road, and Baba's father took him in. Ali worked as a boy for Baba's father, and then he continued working for Baba. When Ali's son, Hassan, was old enough, he also worked in Baba's household. After Baba and Amir were forced to flee to California after the Russian takeover of Afghanistan, Hassan (along with his wife, Farzana) returned with Rahim Khan to again take care of Baba's home in the hope that Baba and Amir would one day return. Hassan's son, Sohrab, was born while they were living on Baba's property; and Hassan's mother, Sanaubar, also returned for a while. Sohrab eventually "worked" in the same home while being held captive by Assef after he had taken Baba's home for his own residence.


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