Who won the battle of the Spanish Armada and why?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 1588, a famous naval battle took place between the Spanish Armada and the English navy. Spain and England had been in conflict in the late 1500s. England was interfering with Spain’s trade and had supported people, such as the people of the Netherlands, fighting against Spain. Thus, the Spanish set out to fight and to defeat England.

The English used various tactics to defeat the Spanish Armada. The English navy relentlessly attacked the Spanish fleet as it tried to prepare to enter the English Channel. The British, whose ships were better equipped and faster than the Spanish fleet, also sent some unmanned ships, which were ablaze, toward the Spanish fleet. The Spanish panicked, broke their formation, and were then attacked by the British fleet. The British fleet defeated the Spanish Armada. The Spanish fleet decided to sail around the British Isles, going North around Scotland, back to Spain. However, bad weather and a shortage of necessary materials destroyed a good portion of the Spanish fleet.

In the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Spain lost over half of its fleet and many of its military personnel. This victory by Britain established Britain as a very powerful country.

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