Who are some women writers whose literary works are written under men's pseudonyms? Why have they done that? 

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Many women felt the need to write books using pseudonyms because they did not feel they were being taken seriously by publishers and critics.  Below is a list of some women who wrote using pseudonyms.

Harriet Adams wrote a few books in The Hardy Boys series under the name of Franklin Dixon.

Janet Asimov wrote science fiction books under the name of J. O. Jeppson.  She was married to Issac Asimov.

Margaret Barber was a Christian writer who wrote under the name of Michael Fairless.

Emily Bronte wrote novels under the androgenous name of Ellis Bell.

Charlotte Bronte wrote novels under the name of Currer Bell.

Taylor Caldwell was an American novelist who wrote under the pen names of Marcus Holland and Max Reiner.

 Below is a link to many more pseudonyms.

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