Who was William Lloyd Garrison?

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William Lloyd Garrison was one of the most famous abolitionists in the history of the United States.  His efforts helped to bring the issue of abolishing slavery into the public consciousness and are said to have helped cause the Civil War to happen.

Garrison is best known for being the publisher of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.   Garrison founded the paper in the early 1830s as a way of getting his message out.  Before the founding of the paper, the main anti-slavery organization in the US was the American Colonization Society.  This society proposed sending freed slaves back to Africa.

Garrison felt that this was a racist ambition.  He wanted the immediate abolition of slavery and allowing the freed slaves to stay in the US.  He continued to work towards this goal through such groups as the American Anti-Slavery Society.  His efforts made people much more aware of the issue of abolition and helped to push the North and South farther apart.