Who will survive conflict and who will be destroyed.Discuss using examples: There are no rules for who will survive conflict and who will be destroyed by it.

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is difficult to understand the goal of this discussion, but assuming you must use points made in either an essay or simply as part of a class discussion, I encourage you to look to three main sources as modes for examples: your own personal experience, the experience of others that you have observed, and things you've read about in books.

From my observations, I could talk about how appearances do not always dictate those who will surivive conflict and those who will be destroyed by it.  I think as humans we tend to naturally associate large people with strength (emotional or physical) and small people with weakness.  I have on several occasions, observed the opposite.  I think immediately of a woman I worked with at a wilderness camp who was no more than 5 feet tall and about 100lbs.  In every way, she physically looked as if she would be unprepared to handle the 12 teenaged boys who were mostly at camp because of anger management or gang affilitation.

It turns out, she was one of the most feared and respected counselors I ever worked with.  Somehow, what was on the inside was not directly apparent in her appearance.  She tackled conflict head on and never backed down.  She had a large voice and a way with words that made her students (and other counselors) listen to her.  She looked those boys in the eyes (even when they were a full foot taller than her) and showed them through her body language that she meant to win.  In the end, they grew to love and trust her.  She was not timid nor weak in any way.