Who or what usually calmed Helen after her angry outbursts?  

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mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Before Miss Sullivan came to teach Helen how to communicate, the girl was often frustrated.  Her frustration would frequently lead to angry outbursts.  When Helen had these outbursts, she often sought comfort in the garden near the small house called "Ivy Green."  She would "hide [her] hot face in the cool leaves and grass" (The Story of My Life, Chapter I), which calmed her.  The garden not only brought Helen solace.  Being out in nature also gave her joy.  After spending time around the flowers, shrubs, and trees, Helen felt glad.

Helen also found comfort from her mother.  As Helen grew older, she wanted to communicate more effectively.  When she could not, she suffered from extreme frustration and disappointment.  The young girl often went to her mother in tears.  Helen found comfort in her mother's lap.  Her mother wrapped her arms around the crying girl.

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