Who or what is responsible for the death of the group known as the Yuma 14 in The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea? 

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The Yuma 14 died from exposure to the dangerous desert environment in Arizona. However, Luis Alberto shows that the governments of Mexico and America, as well as the human smuggler who ferried them across the border, are responsible for the people ending up in that situation.

The Yuma 14 were abandoned on the Devil's Highway in Arizona with instructions to walk in a certain direction to reach a road. They were told that the coyote would return with water. Though they believed it would only take a few hours to walk to a safer area, they actually had to cross more than 50 miles of desert. Heat, dehydration, and exposure all took their toll on the men as they attempted to reach their destination. The survivors had to be treated for a variety of health problems, some of which will persist for the rest of their lives.

The difficulty of immigrating from Mexico to America is one thing that drove the men in their desperate attempt to find a better life in the United States. The economy and...

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