Who and what impacted the Great Depression?

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This question is somewhat vague in its wording.  It could be asking what and who caused the Great Depression.  Another interpretation of this question is what was the impact of the Great Depression and who was impacted. Another theme of this question could be what the influence of policymakers was on the Great Depression.  I am not sure what direction to go, but when I think of the Great Depression, I automatically think about Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He had a great impact on the Great Depression with his reform program that was called The New Deal.  The New Deal was an attempt to get Americans back to work.  It included major public works projects that enabled the government to employ hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans. The New Deal was also an attempt to provide relief to families that were suffering economically.  The Social Security system was born out of the New Deal.  In addition to relief and employment, Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to reform the federal government to prevent future economic and ecological disasters. The economic effectiveness of the New Deal is debatable, but with Roosevelt, Americans felt better about the future because they realized that his administration was working tirelessly to make their lives better.   Roosevelt's positive message and activism clearly improved the mood of Americans that were suffering through the worst of times.  

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