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Of the following, who were the winners and losers in the Glorious Revolution of 1689? Choices given are the British Monarchy, British Parliament, Church of England, Protestant Dissenters, Catholics, American colonists.

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The British Parliament, the Church of England, and the Protestant Dissenters were the winners in the Glorious Revolution.

After Cromwell died, the British Parliament re-instituted the monarchy, bringing Charles II in to rule. However, while Charles agreed to respect parliament and to reign as an Anglican, he had spent enough time in France to acquire a taste for absolute power and a desire to bring Roman Catholicism to England. He did not respect parliament and did not summon it to meet for some time. Parliament had wanted to pass a decree banning Charles's heir, James II, from ascending to the throne. Because Charles would not call parliament, however, when he died, James II did become king.

This was a disaster. James II was sorely lacking in good political skills. He wanted to convert the country to Catholicism, and he wanted his children raised as Catholics. He also wanted England to support France in a...

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