What was the National Union for Social Justice?

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The National Union for Social Justice was an organization created by Father Charles Coughlin in 1934.  It was meant to be an organization for workers' rights that was opposed to the New Deal.

Father Coughlin had started out as a supporter of the New Deal.  However, he soon came to feel that it was too communistic and that it also (though this is not particularly logical) was too friendly to big businesses and to banks.  Therefore, Coughlin became a critic of the New Deal who argued that the government should adopt policies that were more populist in nature.  The National Union for Social Justice was set up to help push for these changes.

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 What are ideology and platorm of it ?

1 opposed to the new deal

2 populist  3 nationalization of all public necessities 4 pro-nazi

What else can i add? thank you for your answer .