Who were the Progressives, and what did they hope to accomplish?

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The progressives were people in the early 20th century calling for government reforms and, in particular, the equal treatment of people throughout the nation. For example, they oversaw the birth of the National Women Suffrage Association, who would win the right for women to vote.

The introduction of mass production and its rapid spread across the country was leading to economic and social problems. Individuals were struggling to make a living and all the money, in what at that time was an economic boom, was going into the pockets of cooperations and corrupt politicians.

The progressives weren't wholly successful, particularly on sensitive subjects such as race. They decided, for example, to allow the southern states the right to legislate themselves and therefore keep segregation. Nonetheless, one could claim that the seeds of the civil rights movement were developed during this time. For example, the Progressive era saw some of the first publication of African American newspapers such...

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