What was the historical significance of the Pharisees?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Pharisees were a school of thought and/or a political and theological faction among the Jews of the first and second centuries BCE.  The Pharisees were a more populist group of Jews during their time,.  They represented the common people more than the elites, who were represented more by the Sadducees.  They are most famous in history for being often mentioned as enemies of Jesus in the New Testament.  They are more significant in history, however, because their ideas about Judaism have come to be the standard for just about every strain of Judaism now in existence.


samjazael123 | Student

The pharissees where the people whom where head of the jewsish community or the jewish elders. Supposedly many people today believe they where the ones that killed Jesus. They instigated that Jesus be crucified and sought him as a threat to the city and Rome. The Pharissees also where kinda greedy with materialistic values as well. As Rome gave them great wealth as well as power and somewhat authority over the poor and weak. Jesus actually goes into the market place and destroys the things that where deemed as materialsm. HE actually sees people selling things near the temple which even Jesus knew the Temple was sacred, yet the Pharissees turned it into a Market. Jesus was in fact the man with a plan to catch the attention of the Pharissees and he did.

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