Who were some of the first actors in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?I'm talking about the very first time Romeo and Juliet was performed.

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As is the case with the life of William Shakespeare, little is known about the early performances of his plays. The date of the first  performance of Romeo and Juliet is not known. The Lord Chamberlain's Men were probably the first group to perform the play, and the time can be placed at sometime before 1597. The famed comic actor of the day, Will Kemp, was one of the original performers, and since Richard Burbage was the group's top actor, he more than likely played Romeo. According to one source, the boy actor, Master Robert Goffe, played Juliet. (Females were still legally restricted from appearing on stage at that time.) The first performance of Romeo and Juliet was probably staged at "The Theatre" with later productions during Shakespeare's life at "The Curtain."

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