Who were the real giants in Leslie and Jesses life?

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Each child also has a life giant in the form of a father. Both suffer from a need to connect and to receive positive attention from their father. They are troubled by the overwhelming gap in their relationship, which seems insurmountable.

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Although imaginary giants threaten the kingdom of Terabithia, Janice Avery is the giant, the threat that they face in the real world, in their everyday life.

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Apparently, one of the real giant in Leslie's and Jess's life was Janice Avery because she bullied them. However, another giant was only for Jess. It is his own fears. He seemed to have all the fears about everything: water (he was afraid to swing across the creek), his family (his mother always asked him to do chores; his sisters always teased him; his father ignored him and did not appreciate his talent of art), darkness (he is afraid to go to the dark pines behind Terabithia), school (Gary Fulcher teased him; Janice Avery bullied him; teachers did not appreciate his talent of art) etc. 

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