In To Kill A Mockingbird, who were the group of men who visited Atticus's house on Saturday in Chapter 15?

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, a group of men led by Sheriff Tate visited Atticus. According to Scout, the group of men were ordinary folks that she saw everyday:

They were people we saw every day: merchants, in-town farmers; Dr. Reynolds was there; so was Mr. Avery.

The men had gathered at Atticus's house because they were uneasy about Tom Robinson being in the jail. They sensed trouble from the "Old Sarum" bunch. They had come to warn Atticus of imminent danger.

Mr. Link Deas was there as well. He was Tom Robinson's employer. He believed in Tom Robinson. Mr Deas made it clear that he was not up to something against Tom Robinson. It was that "Old Sarum" crowd he was worried about. He asked Sheriff Tate if he could get a change in venue for Tom Robinson:

Mr. Link Deas said, "Nobody around here's up to anything, it's that Old Sarum bunch I'm worried about . . . can't you get a-what is it, Heck?"

"Change of venue," said Mr. Tate. "Not much point in that, now is it?"

Clearly, Mr. Deas was requesting that they move Tom Robinson before the crowd he was referring to would have a chance to hang Tom Robinson.

Atticus did not seem to think that there would be a problem, but he spent the next night with Tom Robinson to be sure.  


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