Who were the children of the Greek gods Polyphemus and Orion?

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Polyphemus and Orion according to Greek Mythology were sons of the Greek Lord Poseidon.

Polyphemus was one of three Cyclops, who were one-eyed giants. He was the progeny of Poseidon and a nymph named Thoosa. The child of Polyphemus, who he had with a nymph named Galateia, was called Galatos.

Orion was a giant and a great hunter. According to different sources he was the either the child of Poseidon and Euryale, or as Aaron J. Atsma of Theoi.com says, Orion was "born when the three gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hermes urinated in a bull-hide."

Different sources have different accounts for the children of Orion. They include two nyphs named Menippe and Metiokhe; 50 sons he had with the nymph of the Kephisos river named Kephisides; and a son named Dryas.