Who were the characters in "Lord of the Flies" (important and less important characters included)?

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Your question isn't very clear, but I will give you a brief review of some of the characters and their significant contribution to the story.  I suggest you follow the link listed below for some very helpful information however.

Ralph is the protagonist in the story.  He is the fair-haired boy who tries to lead the boys in a positive, organized direction but he lacks the skills to be a leader.

Jack is the antagonist.  He has leadership skills but he lets the evil within himself take over early in the story and his leadership nearly destroys the island and the boys.  His leadership results in the deaths of some of the boys.

Piggy is the voice of intellect in the story.  He is the one who often comes up with ideas and insights.  Unfortunately, he is the butt of the boys' jokes and he is generally looked down upon by the others.  He is killed when he is trying to talk sense into the boys.

Simon is the mystical one and the first boy to understand that the real beast on the island is the evil within each one of them. He is killed when he stumbles into the boys' frenzy after a feast.

Roger is one of Jack's leading henchmen.  He is savage almost from the beginning and he lusts for power.  He is the one who kills Piggy.

Sam and Eric (Samneric) are the twins who represent the multitude of boys who try to maintain their civillity but are sucked in by Jack and his tribe.

Maurice is another of Jack's henchmen.

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