Who are the characters in The Diary of Anne Frank and what roles do they play?  

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ANNE FRANK.  Anne is the main character and the diarist whose writings are the basis for this work. She is 13 when the families first go into hiding, and her diary becomes her closest companion. She matures during her stay and briefly falls in love with her companion, Peter. When their hideout was discovered, Anne left her diary behind, where it was found after her death.

EDITH FRANK.  Edith is Anne's mother.  She does not deal with the hiding as well as her husband and maintains an unsteady relationship with Anne, who prefers the company of her father.

OTTO FRANK.  Otto is Anne's father.  A successful businessman, Mr. Frank's even temper helps to dispel arguments that occur, and his positive attitude helps to keep the family's hopes alive. He is the lone member of the Jews hiding in the secret annex to survive the war, living well into his 90s.

MARGOT FRANK.  Margot is Anne's sister, three years older and more mature and disciplined than her sister.

PETER VAN DAAN.  Peter is the son of Herman van Daan and is Anne's love interest. Peter is the same age as Margot, but he has more of an interest in Anne, and they become fast friends during their hiding.

HERMAN VAN DAAN.  Herman is the father of the second family in hiding. A business associate of Mr. Frank, he is the most difficult person to deal with among those in hiding.

PETRONELLA VAN DAAN.  She is the wife of Herman and mother of Peter. Her relationship with Anne causes friction throughout their stay together.

ALBERT DUSSEL.  Mr. Dussel is a dentist who joins the Frank and van Daan families in hiding several months after their initial "disappearance."

BEP VOSKUIJL.  Bep is a secretary in the warehouse and a member of the resistance.

MIEP GIES.  Miep also works in the warehouse and provides the hidden families with most of their food and news.

JAN GIES.  The husband of Miep, he helps to bring food to the hidden families and is also a member of the resistance.

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