Who were the so-called “Founding Mothers”?  What impact do you think they had on the early origins of the American system of government?What influence did the Iroquois League allegedly have on...

Who were the so-called “Founding Mothers”?  What impact do you think they had on the early origins of the American system of government?

What influence did the Iroquois League allegedly have on the American system of government? Should Native Americans be given greater credit for helping develop the theory behind the American system of government?

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The 'Founding Mothers' is the name usually attributed to the women who took on the partroit cause. The contributions made by women during the war extended from women's associations such as the Ladies Association in Philadelphia, an organization that raised over $300,000 for the cause. Martha Washington took the charge of delievering the money to her husband while he was in camp. The Medical Corps was another group that employed one woman at $8.00 per month plus one meal for every ten wounded. This was unheard of in 1777, women getting paid for their services!!!! In addition, many women such as Sarah Decker worked the front lines, carrying military dispatches and letters from the enlisted to loved ones. These women played a vital role in winning the Revolutionary war.

And then there was Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams who was hands down the defender of women's rights at a time when women had no social, political, or economic rights. Abigail was of the opinion that women were viewed in respect to their male counterparts, not of their own accord.  In a letter Abigail wrote to John before the Declaration of Independence was signed she reminded him and of his duty to convey to the Continential Congress to "Remember the Ladies"...imagine that...Abigail wanted a conversation regarding women's rights before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If for nothing else the letter portrays Abigail Adams as THE 'Founding Mother' among the 'Founding Mothers' during the war. She was clearly a visionary at a time that spent little time on the plight of women. Abigail Adams stood her ground, just as the founding fathers stood their ground towards British injustice.

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The League of the Iroquois played a very large role on the emergence of American Government.  The Great Law of Peace, which orally governed the League, helped to play a role in the forming of the Constitution and seeing it as the "supreme law" which all others must follow.  At the same time, the Confederation aspect of the League, where all others maintained their own autonomy while giving into the demands of collaboration is present, to a lesser extent, in the Articles of Confederation and highly evident in the Constitutional principle of Federalism.  The issues brought to the league had to be ratified by the 70% vote of agreement, which is similar to the standards outlined by the Constitution of 2/3 of the Legislative  Branch and 3/4 of the states. The women held most, if not all, of the power in the Iroquois League and, in the process, held the ability to declare war and determine the direction of the league.  These Founding Mothers helped to play a vital role as to how women could be entrusted in political power.