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The Buffalo Soldiers were African American soldiers who served in the United States Army after the Civil War. They were the first African Americans to serve in a peacetime army. They mostly served in the Western territories of the United States where they escorted settlers and worked to protect and help railroad crews and cattle herders. They were organized into all-black regiments with white commanding officers.

The Buffalo soldiers also saw combat against the Native Americans and participated in nearly two hundred western battles. It was their brave and honorable conduct in these wars that earned them the name "Buffalo Soldiers" from the Native Americans. It was a name that stuck until the integration of the U.S. army. Later there were Buffalo soldier regiments in every armed conflict from the Spanish American War through World War II. The United States army was integrated by an executive order from Harry Truman in 1948 so that in the Korean War, African American soldiers fought alongside their white comrades.

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The Buffalo Soldiers were actually negro or African-American soldiers which were members of the 10th Calvary Regiment of the United States Army after the American Civil War. It was the first time that the army have let black people in it. They were used as cooks, laborers and teamsters. They did have identical pay with the whites for their contribution to the war effort. They have short curly hair and dark faces, which make them resemble the buffalo, and they have the spirit similar to that of the animal. The buffalo soldiers served mostly at the western fronteirs and comprised at the beginning full of iliterate and former slaves. They were subjected to racial discrimination and prejudice and occasional spats and violence from the white and pure citizens during their course of duty, but they did not flinch a slight bit, and continue to do the country proud, with their brave, courageous and honorable conduct.

They obtained the Medal of Honor for the effort in the Indian Wars during the 1800s and play equally crucial role in the brutal Apache Wars and the Cuba Missile Crisis, the Philippine Wars and in the Mexican border skirmishes. They have the worst fatalities and casualties during these campaigns. They also play a part in the Spanish-American War and in the course of World War II. They were nicknamed buffalo soldiers out of respect for the fierce fighting ability of the 10th squadron. They change the course of history by their appearance and make the Indians proud for their war effort and their tremendous work-rate and fighting spirit when facing with insurmountable obstacles and dangers posed to them.

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