Who were the boys on the island on Lord of the Flies?

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The boys on the island were British schoolboys who were being transported to Australia for safety during some unnamed future war.

Although not all of the boys on the island are named, the main boys are Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon.  Also on the island are Roger, Samneric, and the littluns.

The boys decide that Ralph should be there leader, because he is the one who first blew the conch and called them all into one place.  He seems important and special because of that.  Jack, the leader of the choir, is a somewhat violent boy who later breaks the group apart, with the other boys in the choir following him.

Simon is the reflective boy, who has a condition that causes him to faint.  He is killed when the boys mistake him for the beast after he convenes with the Lord of the Flies in the woods.  The youngest boys aren’t even usually named.

“And that’s not all. Them kids. The little ’uns. Who took any notice of ’em? Who knows how many we got?” (ch 2)

No one but Piggy seems interested in keeping track.   Piggy is an intelligent boy with glasses and asthma.  The other children find him easy to ignore because he is fat, but Ralph sometimes listens to him.

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