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The boys are all school-aged boys who have been evacuated from England to Australia in the midst of nuclear destruction.  One group of boys are in the choir and wear a uniform, so the reader surmises that they are from private or boarding schools.  And, since this situation implies that some of the boys are used to living with one another, their regression from civilized ways is all the more disturbing.

Ralph, the golden boy, and 'Piggy,' his foil as the best side of Ralph, the adult-looking fat boy with thin hair and myopia encounter each other as strangers in Chapter One, but they are both interested in establishing order and the vestiges of civilization.  They realize that a fire should be built to alert potential rescuers.

Jack is the leader of the choir.  There are small boys (littl'uns) in this group, among them twins named Sam and Eric who are indistinguishable from one another, Percival, Johnny, and Henry, the largest of the littl'uns.  Maurice, Robert, and Simon are medium-sized boys.

Finally, there is Roger, who is a foil to Jack and represents the worst side of Jack.  He fully indulges in the savagery of Jack and the hunters and encourages Ralph and Piggy to join in.

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