who were the 6 characters in the canterbury tales that worked in the catholic church and what made the church a corrupted one  

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Chaucer uses his characters to reveal the rampant corruption in the church. Members of the clergy include the Prioress, Monk, Friar, Parson, Summoner, and Pardoner. The Prioress, Monk, and Friar are bound by more strict rules of conduct since they are a part of the monastic order. For example, they must each take vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. The Prioress has pets, which is forbidden, and she wears jewelry. This isn't an issue that is solely related to her vow of poverty. Her charm bracelet is inscribed with the Latin phrase for "love conquers all," suggesting that she harbors an interest in romantic love. In fact, the coral on her bracelet was considered a love charm. The Monk is more corrupt and less secretive about his indulgences. He owns horses and hunting dogs and spends his time hunting, even though hunting was forbidden. He wears fur-trimmed clothes and the finest leather boots. He is also fat and personable. Monks were supposed to stay with their cloisters outside of secular society. He considers the rules for monks outdated and chooses to follow his own rules. The Friar feels he is too good to associate with lepers and beggars (although he is a beggar) and spends time in bars and taverns. He is greedy and lustful. He seduces girls and sometimes has to help pay their dowries to avoid the consequences of his actions. Most troubling is the fact that he falsely claims to have a license for hearing confession. He lets people pay for absolution. The Summoner and the Pardoner are also corrupt and manipulate their positions for personal gain. The Parson is the one member of the clergy who is honest in his work.

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prioress, monk, pardoner, cummoner and the friar and frankenstein

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