Who went with Homer to get his suit for Indianapolis?

Expert Answers

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When Homer wins the science fair and is able to compete in the national science fair, his mother, Elsie, decides he should have a new suit to wear. Homer's friend and sometimes date, Emily Sue, offers to take Homer to Welch to buy the suit so that he won't go to Indianapolis "looking like a Hillbilly." Elsie replies that it is more than that. She says she wants Emily Sue to take Homer to buy the new suit "because I said so." Homer does not believe he needs a new suit to wear for this occasion, but the two women outnumber him and he reluctantly agrees to go with Emily Sue to buy the suit. Elsie, his mother, no doubt believes that he is too old to buy a suit with his mother, so she agrees to let his friend, Emily Sue, go with him and take over. She probably does not trust Homer to buy a decent suit and she does trust Emily Sue.

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