Who was your least favorite character and why?Who was your least favorite character and why?

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mrerick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The play is obviously designed for us to dislike Cassius.  We are supposed to feel bad for Caesar because Cassius designed his execution, and we are supposed to feel bad for Brutus because the mean 'ole bully Cassius goaded him into the plot.  But, the character I really have a problem with is Marc Antony. 

He's in his position of power at the beginning of the play because he latched on to Caesar at the right time.  After Caesar is killed, he doesn't have the courage to flat out defy the conspirators.  He comes out of the shadows and shakes their hands, giving them a false plea of acceptance upon an explanation.  He knows two things at this point: one, he won't agree with them regardless of their explanation; and two, he knows that Brutus feels right in his actions and will agree to Antony's pledge.  I don't like how this strong, well tried Roman soldier had to weasel himself away from the danger of the conspirators.

What irritates me further is that he had to latch onto Octavious in order to remain in power.  Antony understands who will control Rome if they were to win, and he immediately seeks OC's favor because of this.  Then he has the gall to sit around and question Lepidus's belonging to their leadership group when in reality his own belonging is really only at Octavious's will.  Antony seems to want an awful lot of power without stepping out on a ledge himself - much like Cassius in that manner.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with you about Cassius, but my least favorite character is Marc Antony.  The only redeeming thing he does is the speech at Caesar's funeral, and that was under  a tricky guise.  He is a sneaky coat-tail rider. In the immortal words of my father, "DO something...even if it's wrong.  Lead, follow, or get out of the way."

nidhi11 | Student

v cannot judge the characters in julius caesar as bad or gud b'coz shakespeare has tried 2 show them all in different shades of grey.......although cassius here is on darker side of this scale because unlike brutus he tries 2 give his selfish motive of murdering caesar a patriotic colour.but even antony ,caesar brutus.....all have some prominent flaws in their characters.

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