How do I write a paragraph (about 15 sentences) about who was a favorite book character and why?

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Writing about a character follows similarly along the lines of writing a review for a book. First: Even for just a paragraph, you have to locate the character and the book as to author, genre, place in the body of other similar works. Second: Then you have to locate the character in the story. To do this in a paragraph, you write a one or two sentence synopsis of the story (something like you'd see on the back cover of a novel jacket). This gives the main plot thrust and the principle characters involved. Third: If your character is a secondary (or even tertiary one), you will have to orient the character to the principle characters. For example, if you select Uriah Heep in David Copperfield, you will have to orient Uriah's character to David's. Fourth: Now you describe your favorite character, giving both strengths and weaknesses. Fifth: It is here that you explain why you like the character. You may (a) incorporate this information in with the description or you may (b) add it as a separate sentence or two after the description.

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