Who was Xury in Robinson Crusoe?

Xury is a boy with whom Robinson Crusoe escapes from slavery in Africa. He later gives Xury as an indentured servant to a Portuguese captain.

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In chapter 2 of Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist is held captive in Africa alongside a boy named Xury. He gives Xury a rather one-sided choice between swearing loyalty to him and being thrown into the sea. When Xury willingly gives his allegiance to Crusoe, the two manage to escape together.

Xury is a loyal companion to Crusoe. However, in the next chapter, a Portuguese captain who buys Crusoe's boat offers him a further sixty pieces of eight to sell Xury back into slavery. Crusoe does not consent to this, but he does let the captain have him as an indentured servant. They arrange that Xury will work for the captain for ten years, after which he will be set free if he converts to Christianity.

It is clear that neither of the two men consults Xury about this arrangement, and the unequal relationship between Crusoe and Xury foreshadows his more significant association with Friday later in the narrative. In both cases, Crusoe is full of praise for the other man (or, in Xury's case, boy) in terms of character and conduct. However, he does not regard either as his equal, or as a free agent with his own life to live. He treats both Xury and Friday like faithful dogs.

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