Who was Wayne Parr's role model in Stargirl?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wayne Parr's role model is, fittingly, GQ, the Gentleman's Quarterly Magazine.

Wayne Parr's claim to fame is that he is "gorgeous".  Other than that, in terms of achievement, "Wayne Parr seem(s) to be nobody".  He does not play a sport, is in no clubs, wins no awards, and his grades are undistinguished.  He is "elected to nothing, honored for nothing", yet oddly, in a way that the narrator, Leo, cannot quite pinpoint, he is highly influential among the student body.  Wayne Parr does not care about much, and neither do the majority of the students.  His apathy and lack of spirit characterizes the school at large.

Puzzled by this phenomenon, Leo suggests that he and Kevin interview Wayne Parr on their television show, the Hot Seat.  Leo feels that Wayne is "a worthy subject precisely because he (does) nothing, because he (is) so monumentally good at doing nothing".  The highlight of the interview with Wayne is when Kevin asks him who his role model is, and Wayne replies that it is GQ.  Wayne's aspiration is to be a male model, and his "ultimate ambition" is to be on the cover of GQ.  As Wayne looks into the camera after making this declaration, Leo can see that Wayne, with his demeanor of bored self-absorption, would be perfect for the role (Chapter 4).

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