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This is a great question. Here is a brief outline of his life and major accomplishments.

  • Ulrich Zwingli was born on January 1st, 1484 in Wildhaus, Switzerland.
  • He is best known as a humanist (his training) and reformer during the period known as the Protestant Reformation. He is probably not as well-known as the other reforms like John Calvin and Martin Luther,  but he was a key figure in the reformation in Switzerland.
  • His theology is known to be straightforward. He, like Calvin and the other reformers held onto the "solas" of the Reformation: Faith alone, grace alone, and scripture alone.
  • His most enduring work was the root out Catholicism from Switzerland.
  • From a theological perspective, he is perhaps best known for his view on the Lord's Super. He believed that the Lord Supper was only a commemoration of the person and work of Christ. Luther believed that the elements of the Lord's Supper actually turned into the body and blood of Christ. Calvin believed in the spiritual presence. For example, Zwingli stated: "I have no use for that notion of a real and true body that does not exist physically, definitely and distinctly in some place, and that sort of nonsense got up by word triflers."

In conclusion, Zwingli was one of the most important figures of the Protestant Reformation. And his work lives on through many protestant churches that espouse the Reformation. I will add a link below that gives a nice timeline of this major works.


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