What was Tom Warrups' grandfather's name in "My Brother Sam Is Dead"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to historical records for the city of Redding, Connecticut, Tom Warrups' grandfather's name was Chief Chickens Warrups.

As presented in the novel "My Brother Sam Is Dead", Tom Warrups is an American Indian who lives on Mr. Read's land.  Mr. Read is a Patriot, but Tom runs errands for Mr. Heron, who is a Tory, so the main character, Tim Meeker, does not know where Tom's loyalties lie.  Tom Warrups does allow Tim's brother Sam Meeker, who has run away to join the Patriot ranks, to stay in his shack (Chapter 5).

In the last Chapter of the book, entitled, "How Much of This Book is True?",  the author states that "Tom Warrups was real, and really lived in a hut such as we have described up behind Colonel Read's house".