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There were many famous American inventors. Thomas Edison was one of them. Most people are familiar with Edison’s invention of the light bulb and the phonograph. However, he also invented other products, such as an improved stock ticker, and he had patents on many other items.

Edison’s early years in school were difficult ones. He barely attended public school. He had much difficulty in his short time in the public school and was basically homeschooled by his mother who was a teacher.

At a very young age, Edison had the entrepreneurial spirit. He published a newspaper that was very popular with his readers because it had up-to-date articles. He also worked as a telegrapher before devoting his life to working on developing inventions.

Edison eventually developed his own company called the Edison Illuminating Company. Today, we recognize that company by the name of General Electric.

Thomas Edison was a well-known inventor who developed many useful products including the light bulb and the phonograph.

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