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Theodoric, also known as Theodoric the Great, was an Ostrogoth who came to be a very important ruler both of his own people and of the Roman Empire.

Theodoric became important in the Roman Empire in the 490s CE.  He was invited by Zeno, the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire to act in Zeno's behalf against Odoacer, who had made himself ruler of the Western Roman Empire.  Theodoric fought Odoacer and took over as ruler of Italy.  He remained in that position until his death in 526.  He is most important for the fact that maintained peace and stability (which was not common in that time) in Italy during his reign.  His reign is seen as providing the foundation for the Italian society that was to arise in medieval times.

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Theodoric I (Gothic: Þiudareiks; Latin: Theodericus; died in 451) sometimes called Theodorid and in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Teodorico, was the King of the Visigoths from 418 to 451. An illegitimate son of Alaric,[1] Theodoric is famous for defeating Attila at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in 451, where he was mortally wounded.