What role did Sorghaghtani Beki play?Please use these links to answer http://www.mongolia-attractions.com/ancient-mongol-women.html...

What role did Sorghaghtani Beki play?

Please use these links to answer




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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to the link (the mongolia-attractions one) that I have attached below, this woman was the daughter in law of Genghis Khan and the mother of Kublai Khan.  She played a very important role in preparing her sons for the leadership roles that she expected them to take on in the Mongol Empire.

Sorghagtani Beki believed that her sons were going to be ruling a large empire.  Because she thought this, she wanted to make sure that they would be competent to be rulers.  To help them become competent, she made sure, for example, that they became well educated even though she herself was illiterate.  She also made sure that they were trained in specific ways or to have specific attitudes that would help them later in life.

So, overall, her role was to really guide her sons and to prepare them to be powerful men in the Mongol Empire.