In "Hamlet", who was sent to paris to spy on Laertes?

Expert Answers
danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Polonius sends Reynaldo to go and spy on his son in (2.1), but it's so much more than spying. Polonius is ever the meddlesome politician who is sending Reynaldo to not just observe his son, but investigate his character--even if he has to delicately mislead people to extract any information out of them. Polonius wants to "inquire of his behavior" (2.1.4) to learn of the "wild and usual slips" (2.1.22) that include and are not limited to "gaming, drinking, fencing, quarrelling" and even "Drabbing" (2.1.24-6). This develops the theme of deception, but also the themes of inquiry, of father and son relationships, and of control.