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who was the Second Baron Baltimore or Cecil Calvert?  

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The Second Lord Baltimore, or Cecil Calvert, was the Proprietor and Proprietary Governor of Maryland, and he made the colony a haven for Catholics. Calvert, who was himself a Catholic, received the colony when his father, George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore, died in 1632. George Calvert had been Secretary of State in England but gave up his title when he converted to Catholicism. He received rights to the land in Virginia north of the Potomac, and he also became Lord of Avalon, which was part of Newfoundland.

Roman Catholics were heavily persecuted in England, and Maryland became a refuge for Catholics. The Second Lord Baltimore provided for the separation of church and state in the colony and for religious toleration. Cecil Calvert ruled over the colony from England for 42 years. Later, Protestants began to outnumber Catholics in the colony. 

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