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Who was Saddam Hussein?  

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Saddam Hussein was a former dictator in the Middle Eastern country of Iraq. Born to a poor family, he joined the Ba’ath Party at a young age after failing to finish high school. Hussein went on to later become the ruler of Iraq in 1979, and upon taking control had many of Iraq’s top soldiers executed to protect his position. Hussein famously tried to invade Kuwait in 1990, however his soldiers were forced to retread by US-led forces in what came to be known as Desert Storm. As leader of Iraq, the country faced a number of United Nations sanctions forcing the country to destroy and abandon working on the development of chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons. Hussein largely ignored these sanctions, leading to a US led campaign against Iraq, which destroyed the Ba’athist regime and ultimately lead to Hussein’s capture. Following his capture, Hussein was tried and found guilty of committing crimes against humanity on November 5, 2006.  For his conviction he was sentenced to death by hanging, leading to his death on December 30, 2006.

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