Who was the Queen of England in the 16th century?

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There were several queens of England during the 16th century. Here's a list of them:

Elizabeth of York (1466-1503)--wife of Henry VII and mother of Henry VIII

Katherine of Aragon (1485-1536)--first wife of Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn (1501-1536)--second wife of Henry VIII

Jane Seymour (1508-1537)--third wife of Henry VIII

Anne of Cleves (1515-1557)--fourth wife of Henry VIII

Katherine Howard (1521-1542)--fifth wife of Henry VIII. Interestingly, she was a cousin of Anne Boleyn; she and Anne were the two wives who were convicted of treason and executed

Katherine Parr (1512-1548)--sixth wife of Henry VIII

Jane Dudley (better known as Lady Jane Grey; 1536-1554)--she was queen for only 9 days. Her grandmother was sister to Henry VIII, and she was put on the throne in a conspiracy to secure Protestantism in England and to further the ambitions of her father-in-law, John Dudley

Mary I (1516-1558)--daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

Elizabeth I (1533-1603)--daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was a patron of Shakespeare and one of the greatest monarchs of English history

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