Who was Peabo Bryson, and what were his contributions to music?

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Born Robert Peapo Bryson, Peabo Bryson, is a R&B and soft-ballad singer and songwriter. He is well known for romantic duets with female singers such as Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, and Regina Belle. His duet with Celine Dion for the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, brought him a Grammy in 1992, and he won another in 1993 for "A Whole New World" with Regina Belle, a song written for Disney's film, Aladdin. In addition to these two songs, Bryson has written others for Disney.

Earlier in his career, in 1987, Bryson's vocals were added to the theme song One Life to Live; this version was played until 1992. Singles that have sold well for him are "Tonight I Celebrate My Love," "If Ever I'm in Your Arms Again," and "Can You Stop the Rain?" He has performed with many other artists, including Kenny G and Melissa Manchester. Bryson, who does have an operatic voice, has sung the tenor lead in Detroit's Michigan Opera Theater's version of Porgy and Bess.

His fans love the the tremendous feelings communicated in Peabo Bryson's music and lyrics. When asked how he is able to convey such emotion, Bryson responded,

"I think the sensitivity in my songs stems from my early childhood. I was raised by women – my grandmother, until she died, and my mother. My grandmother was a woman who lived and loved with incredible passion."

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