Black Death

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Who was one famous plague physician, and what did he suggest for plague prevention?

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By far the most famous plague physician was Nostradamus, though he is now far better-known for his prophecies than for his contribution to medicine. Like most of the plague doctors, Nostradamus was not formally qualified and was, in fact, expelled from the University of Montpelier because he had worked as an apothecary, a manual trade, regarded by the university authorities as beneath the dignity of one who aspired to a medical doctorate.

Nostradamus created a "rose pill" which he claimed was effective against the plague. He also recommended drinking a fluid made from the juice of rose-hips. Aside from these two supposed remedies, however, Nostradamus's advice was largely a matter of common sense. It included the immediate removal of infected corpses, drinking clean water, and breathing fresh air. He also advised against the common practice of bloodletting.

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