Who was the Northern general in the American Civil War who rode through Tiburon?This is a question in the story "The Secret Life of Bees".

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I am moving this question into the group for The Secret Life of Bees, because Tiburon is a fictional city that did not exist during the Civil War or today, so the history they discuss in the book is only in context to South Carolina where Tiburon is set.

South Carolina was in the path of William Tecumseh Sherman's army during the Civil War.  After his infamous march through Georgia, and the trail of destruction it caused, Sherman turned his army north from Savannah and invaded South Carolina saying, "Here's where secession began and by God, this is where it'll end".

Even today, people who are generational residents of Georgian or South Carolinian towns will speak Sherman's name in harsh tones, and retell the stories of his invasion and the hardships that followed that were handed down to them from great grandparents on.