Who was Murray Bookchin and what were his main ideas?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Murray Bookchin was born in NYC to Jewish immigrants from Russia.  He grew up surrounded by the ideas of Russian communism and socialism and eventually began to gravitate towards Trotskeyism who also worked for General Motors on the factory floor while also working as a union organizer and social activist.

One of his major ideas was to organize groups in small towns or municipalities to agitate for the collective interest over those of powerful and often wealthy minorities.  From opposing a waterfront development on Lake Champlain to various other opportunities to organize resistance to other major projects, he placed a great emphasis on putting his ideas into practice rather than just theorizing.

His political ideas focused on the idea of anarchism not as an individualistic movement but one that involved groups similar to those he organized in small municipalities that worked against the rule of law when they felt that it was being abused.  He had significant differences with many anarchists in the US who he felt were too focused on individualistic pursuits within the guise of anarchy.