Who was Muhammad?

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Muhammad was orphaned as a child and was raised by an uncle.  His uncle was a successful merchant that showed Muhammad the ropes in the caravan business.  Muhammad was successful in this endeavor and worked for a wealthy widow named Khadija, whom he later married.  The reason I mention Khadija is because she supported her husband in introducing the world to a new religion: Islam.  In the sixth century, Muhammad reported to Khadija that the angel Gabriel had revealed to him everything that he would later write in the Koran. The most important revelation was that there was only one God.  Muhammad founded a new religion which is today referred to as Islam.  With Khadija's urging, Muhammad spread this new message of monotheism to the people in the pagan Arabian peninsula.  While Muhammad's message was not well received in Mecca, his hometown, he was able to move to Medinah where he did find willing converts.  By the end of Muhammad's life, he had converted the entire Arabian Peninsula to Islam.    

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