Who is Quinion in David Copperfield by Charles Dickens?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Charles Dickens's autobiographical novel, David Copperfield, after David's mother dies, he is sent away by his cruel stepfather, Edward Murdstone in an effort to be rid of David.  In London David is sent to work in Murdstone's wine bottling warehouse in Blackfriar's where he finds decayed floors, rates, and general "rottenness."  While he works there in Chapter XI, Mr. Quinion is his supervisor; he manages the accounting department.  Standing on the bottom bar of his stool in the countinghouse, Quinion can look through a window and watch David.  On David's first day, Quinion taps on the window of his office and motion to David to come in where he introduces the boy to Mr. Micawber, who will provide lodging for David.

Beyond finding David lodging and paying him his weekly wages, Mr. Quinion does not figure in the novel.  He was part of the joke on David as an "encumbrance" earlier in the narrative when Murdstone and he talk about David as "the little encumbrance."  His sycophacy to Murdock is also evidenced whenever Quinion talks with Murdstone, he looks askance at the man to determine how well his words are being accepted.