From Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, who was Mr. Otto Frank? Describe him.

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Otto Frank is Anne Frank's beloved father whom she describes in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. After Anne dies, and her father is the only family member left alive after the Holocaust, Otto frank publishes Anne's diaries in order to fulfill Anne's own dream of publishing. She has that idea while hiding in the Secret Annex.

Anne receives her diary as a present for her thirteenth birthday and in an entry dated Saturday June 20 1942, Anne writes of her father that he is "the most adorable father." Anne is very close to her father which only partially makes up for the fact that she has no such bond with her mother. Anne points out in her diary entry of Sunday, September 27 1942 that "she doesn't even know what I think about the most ordinary things." 

Otto Frank is thirty- six when he marries Anne's mother and they have two children, Margot, Anne's older sister and Anne. For his family's safety at a time when Jews are being threatened in Germany, he moves from Frankfurt to Holland as a managing director of a company involved in the jam-making process. However, when Holland falls under German occupation and as a Jew, he is no longer allowed to manage a company and prepares his family to go into hiding.

The family must make the best of their living conditions in the Annex which they share with another family. Anne's father is very supportive although Anne is very hurt when she feels that he sides with his wife and Margot on occasion. Anne does acknowledge (Sunday, September 27 1942), that without her father, she would not be able "to stick it out here." 

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