Who was Mr. Lorry? Why was he angry with Defarge?  

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Mr. Lorry is a banker who divides his time between London and Paris. When Dr. Manette is imprisoned in the Bastille, Lorry takes pity on his daughter Lucie and brings her to London to keep her safe. Over the course of the novel, Lorry develops a close bond of friendship with the Manettes and goes out of his way to help them and the people they care about. It is Lorry who hires Sydney Carton and Mr. Stryver to defend Charles Darnay in his trial for sedition.

After Dr. Manette is released from the hellhole of the Bastille, Mr. Lorry takes Lucie back to Paris to see him. Upon his release, Dr. Manette is staying in the upper room of a wine shop run by the Defarges. This is our first encounter with these characters who will play such an important role later on. Monsieur Defarge takes Lucie and Mr. Lorry up to see Dr. Manette. But as he does so, Lorry is enraged to discover that other men are already there, peeping through holes in the wall. Defarge assures Lorry that he only allows a select group of men to do this, but Lorry is not be placated. He clearly thinks it unacceptable that a man who's just spent eighteen long years inside the Bastille should be subjected to this kind of undignified scrutiny, stared at as if he were an animal in a zoo.

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