Who was more powerful: Boethius or the king who had him executed (King Theodoric)? In answering this question, make sure you explain and consider the arguments given by Boethius, but you should also critically evaluate the arguments from Boethius and explain and defend your own views.

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In his earlier career, King Theodoric showed a benevolent attitude toward intellectual pursuits of his educated subjects and promoted religious toleration. But toward the close of his reign, which was characterized by failures, he became suspicious of his aides. The scholar and official Boethius became a victim of political scheming and was eventually executed by the order of the king.

As Boethius faces his imminent death, he finds consolation in the idea that our world as a fruit of the Highest Good cannot but be good itself. Therefore, everything that has being is good while evil is just a non-being—a lack of the being’s fullness. Evil is nothing because it has no independent being. God cannot create evil because he is all-good.

Though Boethius distinguishes between fate and Divine Providence, he likens their relation to concentric circles. Providence...

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