Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Who was more at fault for both Simon's and Piggy's deaths?  Jack or Ralph?

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I can understand the dilemma in asking about Simon's death, but not Piggy's death.  Roger killed Piggy.  He's the guy that pushed the huge, heavy rock down the hill that smashed Piggy.  He's a member of Jack's band of merry men, so I blame Jack. He and Roger are bloodthirsty nut cases.  

Simon's death is a bit harder to pin down on any one guy.  Simon is trying to get back to the camp in order to tell the boys that the monster is nothing more than a dead body hanging in a tree.  Unfortunately, Simon comes back to the camp so dirty and crazed looking that the boys, in their frenzied state, think he is the beast. They beat him to death.  I would say that both Ralph and Jack deserve equal blame on that death.  Ralph thinks so anyway.  But if I have to pick one or the other, I still choose Jack.  He's a bloodthirsty nut case with no remorse.  At least Ralph shows remorse.  

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