Who was Lucy in The Man Who Was Poe? Where did she live?

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Lucy Holmes Balderston, daughter of Dr. Oliver Holmes, was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1809. She lived there until her death in 1881. Lucy possessed a volume—her personal ledger or "autograph book"—which contained a poem of Edgar Allan Poe's initially titled "Original" and later printed as "Alone." The highly regarded poem was written in approximately 1829 and not printed in Poe's lifetime. Lucy's ledger contained many poems from many poets, most of which were of a flirtatious nature. Poe's poem is a noted exception. She was known to frequent the literary social circles of Baltimore and often hosted authors and poets in her home. She in fact married the poet Isaiah Balderston, who penned many of the poems found in the same ledger which contains Poe's poem.

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