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Who was Lord Alfred Douglas?

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Lord Alfred Bruce "Bosie" Douglas (“Bosie” is short for his childhood nickname “Boysie”) was the third son of John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquis of Queensberry and Sybil Montgomery. He was born in England and attended the prestigious Winchester public school as a child, followed by Magdalen College, Oxford. His family has a long, ancient Scottish heritage that dates back to the days of Alfred the Bruce.  In the same time, the Queensberry's were also associated with family illnesses, early and tragic deaths, mental issues, and dangerous temperaments. Bosie himself was always famous for his amazing looks, which made him popular in Oxford, and around the London literary circle.

What made Bosie Douglas famous was that, as a young Oxford undergraduate,  his cousin, the poet Lionel Johnson, introduced him to the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.  Wilde met Bosie in 1892 when Bosie was about 21 years old. As Oscar's homosexual ideal, Bosie became the most beloved of...

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