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King Louis XIV was the monarch of France for almost seventy-five years. He ruled from the mid-1600s until the early 1700s. He was sometimes called the Sun King because he was one of the longest reigning monarchs in the history of Europe. Among major European powers, King Louis XIV was the longest reigning monarch in history.  

King Louis XIV became king of France when he was four years old. His age prevented Louis XIV from ruling his kingdom for many years. Instead, he relied upon advisors, ministers, and his mother (who served as regent) to govern France.  hen Louis XIV did gain power as a young man, he made it his mission to change many things in France. He focused on tax reform, the arts, and foreign policy. During his reign, he led his country through several wars. These wars were very costly for France. Overall, though, France became a stronger foreign power during his reign. King Louis XIV was a devout Catholic and persecuted those who were not, most notably the Huguenots.  

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